Baggage: Viewing our past from the past

Baggage.  We all have it. We might dress it up as Louis Vuitton luggage, but it’s still baggage.

There may have been a random remark made when we were 3 that cut us like a knife and created a negative image of ourself that we have carried with us our entire life.  It might have been a truly traumatic event that changed our perception of the world.

Often, the image we have of ourself does not jive with how others see us, and rather than trying to see ourselves as others do, we instead feel like a fake. “What would people think if they knew what I’m really like?” “I have to work hard to get people to like me because I’m really not lovable.”  “I am not a good person.”   “I am not (smart, pretty, talented, generous, educated, caring, thin, worth anything, a good parent, a good daughter/son, religious enough).”

These are voices of the past that are so loud that they drown out the voices of the present from the people in our lives who love us and care for us, and admire us for who we are.

There are lots of ways to work on these issues. Therapy. Prayer. And hypnosis. Or a combination.

Many of the tools we use in hypnosis allow you to reframe your self image.  A Timeline can allow you to go back before the event in time, and see it from before it happened, so that you can view it as an obstacle, and walk around it. In hypnosis you can create a new reality, one that replaces the lie you were told in the past, with the reality of your goodness and value.

You can create a new voice that will become louder than that old, tired voice, a new voice that gently drowns out the old voice by giving you a new message.  Using hypnosis and self-hypnosis, you can create a new self-image, that is as good as you really are.

2 thoughts on “Baggage: Viewing our past from the past

    1. Jerry

      How about thinking about just 2-3 goals? It has been easier for me to think about just a few goals at a time. Evrhetying you wrote above is important and will contribute to a healthier you, but how about focusing on just two or three? Just a thought. Have a great week!


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