Only Today

There is NOTHING you can change about yesterday except your perceptions of it.
There is NOTHING you have the power to control about tomorrow.
But TODAY is right here in your hands. You can spend it re-living yesterday, or worrying about tomorrow.

Or you can spend today making changes, forging new paths, accepting yourself and loving yourself. You can reach out to others and offer them your love and your care. You can laugh. You can try something new. You can let go of something old. You can imagine the you that you want to be, and try it out for the rest of the day and see how it fits.

You can help a child, give a dollar to a homeless person, “pay it forward” at Starbucks, give your loved one a flower, say “thank you” to someone, look up an old teacher who changed your life, you can pray for forgiveness, you can pray for thanksgiving. You can call your mother. You can reach out to that person with whom you once had a falling out and make amends. You can breathe fresh air. You can visit the sick. You can spend time being grateful for all the wonderful things in your life.

All of this at right here for you…TODAY.

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