An Olympic athlete needs a coach not to learn his or her sport, but to finely hone those skills to top performance, to zero in on the areas which may need some help, and to devise new strategies to become best in class.

Personal and business coaching have the same kinds of goals. As a certified hypnotist and a certified coach, we are different from other personal coaches because we can enhance the coaching experience through the use of hypnosis, allowing you to effect changes even faster.

Most athletes know that prisoners of war who daily visualized playing 18 holes of golf were better players after their incarceration, even though they had not touched a golf club. Several athletic teams use hypnosis and visualization to improve their games.

 Who needs a coach?

  • Let’s say you are a busy entrepreneur. You love the work you do. You enjoy working with your clients. Your business has grown and you are successful….but…  You don’t love the pile of paperwork that never gets done. You didn’t start this business do be an administrator, an accountant, a lawyer, an HR rep. All these things take away from doing what you love, and so you put them off. And the pile grows daily.
  • A two-career family, juggling the responsibilities of your work along with getting the kids where they need to be: sports, music lessons, birthday parties, while somehow trying to get them to eat nutritious foods, and get them to sleep at a reasonable time. You don’t have a moment for yourself, much less time to pay the bills, organize that pile of mail, and plan a date night with your spouse.
  • Your teenager is bright, and was a star in elementary school. But now his or her grades are down, and no amount of cajoling, yelling, or punishment has gotten them to focus. College is coming and you’re worried about what will happen to them.  If only someone could teach them study strategies and could get them to focus.
  • You might have a dream of something special you want to accomplish, but you never get around to it. It’s always there in the background, but it remains a dream. Do you know the difference between a dream and a goal? A plan. A plan is what turns a dream into a goal. When you have a plan you start moving forward to accomplish your goal

What is Coaching?

Personal Coaching is the use of encouragement, support, guidance, motivation, and commitment to help individuals (or groups) lead a balanced, complete, and fulfilling life. The process includes helping clients to make action plans and commitments, overcome obstacles, and move forward toward achieving a successful and fulfilling life of their choice.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Most “traditional” therapies generally focus on one problem area, relationship, or emotional issue at a time. The focus is on the past, on a “broken” person., and analyzes what may have caused the client’s current problem.

Coaching focuses on you from the present and emphasizes moving forward.  We work with you as a “whole being,” helping you to attain a balance life.

Coaching does not diagnose, treat or cure mental or emotional problems, and is not a substitute for professional help, such as medical financial, legal assistance, it can be an excellent to reach your goals.

What is the coaching process?

Coaching is different from hypnosis, in that it requires a commitment from you.  We will work together for a minimum of 3 months, and during that time, we will address not only the initial issue at hand, but the predicate issues that also come into play.

Expect to spend 2 – 3 hours in our first visit and have a “homework assignment” that must be completed that evening.

During our initial visit, we will work together to identify your core values. Core values are central to this process because once you have truly identified these, you can gauge everything you do or are asked to do against these values.

We will also create your first action plan: the steps you will take during the next week that will move you toward your goal. You and I will work together on your action plan to ensure it fits into your life. In other words, I am not going to set unrealistic goals for you. We will work together to create a workable plan that you can commit to and accomplish.

If you wish, we will also have a hypnosis session during the initial visit.

After the initial visit, we will spend approximately an hour together each week reviewing the action plan and creating the action plan for the following week. We will tweak what needs to be tweaked, to ensure you keep moving toward your goal.

Many of my clients are busy professionals, and it is often difficult to take time out from work to drive to and from my office and have an hour-long meeting each week.  After the initial meeting, these subsequent meetings can take place in my office, or they can be done by phone or Skype. Early morning or late evening meetings can also be arranged.

Each month, you will receive a custom hypnosis CD or download, which you can use on your own, to further your goals.

Have a sudden change of focus, such as  a big presentation?  We can easily change focus too, and create action plans to help you prepare, and a special hypnosis CD to ensure your success!!

Throughout the process, you and I will be working together to set weekly, attainable goals that will move you toward your larger, primary goals.  Imagine how it feels each week to put that big check next to each goal:  DONE!