First things first…

Before we even begin, we will talk so that I get a sense of who you are and what you are seeking to accomplish. No two people experience the same issue in the same way, and I need to understand your point of view.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a heightened, or focused, sense of awareness. It bypasses the analytical, conscious mind to work with your subconscious. Our conscious minds can only store so much information: it is our subconscious that creates “pictures” of all the things that happen to us. Our conscious mind analyzes that information.

Imagine that sleepy period just before you go to sleep. There may be voices coming from other rooms, but you are not focused on them. During this time of ease, when your conscious mind has quieted,  is when you can often have the answer to a problem suddenly come to you, or a creative idea that excites you. That is the subconscious at work. The “noise” of your conscious mind has quieted to let your subconscious “speak.”

During hypnosis, I will talk with you to get you to that same relaxed and quiet place. You will find yourself becoming more relaxed, but still listening to my words.  Once relaxed, I will give you a series of suggestions designed to create the new responses to the issue being addressed.

How does hypnosis work with the subconscious?

So, for example, when we were 7 years old we are called to the board and a teacher asks us to explain a math problem. When we can’t explain it or get the answer wrong, our teacher yells at us and our classmates laugh at us. “Click!” The subconscious takes a picture of that.

Move ahead several years and a client sits in my office wondering why he can’t speak in front of a group of his colleagues. He wonders why he has never been good in math. He asks for help in being able to discuss a problem -any problem – with his boss.

The subconscious has stored that event, and each time he is called upon to make a presentation or talk to his boss, his analytical mind says “Uh–oh! We know how that’s going to turn out. That’s how it always turns out.” And that means he begins to sweat and get tongue-tied.

Hypnosis allows you to access that subconscious and map new responses.  The subconscious learns what it is told. Under hypnosis, you will create an image of yourself in the way you want to be, and that image will grow in your subconscious. If you were told you were worthless when you were a child, you will believe you are worthless, BUT as you begin to work with your subconscious and give it new messages of value and worthiness, those become the new “voice” of your subconscious.

Maybe you have come to hypnosis to quit smoking. A suggestion to your subconscious might be that when you need a break, instead of going outside for a cigarette, you go outside and take a short walk. Then, each time you crave a cigarette and go for a walk instead of going for a smoke, you create new pathways in your mind, until the new response to “I need a smoke” becomes “I need to take a little walk.”